through unity

Meet Mi Now was also made possible by the collaboration of our partners, which share the same goal of disseminating a culture of knowledge. Found out more about the project in more detail.

Floor advertising:
a new way to advertise

GreenGraffiti is a registered trademark of the independent agency Jungle, a specialist in unconventional, guerilla and street marketing.
Research and experimentation are part of our DNA:
where others see grey pavements and concrete walls, we see spaces to be transformed through the application of creativity.

We design and realise surprising, sustainable urban activation projects, disruptive campaigns and viral content but, above all, we believe in the strength of ideas which break the boundary between experience and wonder. Attracting attention, stimulating word of mouth and being memorable are the goals of every floor advertising campaign, because the power of the unexpected also lies hidden even in the things we thought we knew by heart. Like the streets in our neighbourhood.

Milano da Vedere is one of the main blogs dedicated to the city.  Born in 2011 from an idea of Danilo Dagradi, it soon becomes one of the landmarks to know and discover the city. In 2013 it takes new shape and new people are included in the project, including Elisabetta Piselli, who becomes responsible for the tours and events organized in the city.
Hundreds of tours and formats such as the Aperitivo Storico and the Day of the Dialect of Milan, grow on one side followers on social networks, on the other the number of people participating in the activities proposed.
Today Milano da Vedere continues its activity of telling the city on the blog and on social media.